Accident/Serious Injury Report

As required by the licensing rule, any injury to a child while in the care of Country Fun Child Care will be reported to their guardian.   A copy of the report will be kept in the child’s file. Where necessary under law the report will be forwarded to the governing agency required. Guardians and state licensing staff know children are active and no amount of child proofing and supervision can prevent all injuries.  However, reporting juries can help prevent them in the future by identifying injury patterns specific to the child care ‘s environment, and/or with a child who may need help with difficulties associated with balance, vision or foot positioning.

Medical attention is a guardian decision. When a guardian cannot be reached Country Fun Child Care will act in their stead when a decision on immediate medical attention is needed.

Serious injuries will be reported to the Child Care Licensing Unit at 287-9300 within 24 hours.  

Content of this form is based upon national recommendations.

Accident / Serious Injury Report Form